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Mass effect 2 nude miranda

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Killed Morinth - Garrus: Not even one was omitted. Celebrity nude selfie tumblr. Jambones Follow Forum Posts: Seriously though, I understand why they didn't really want to push the sex scenes. Mainly because they obviously put so much focus on her chest in the costume design and advertising, they were clearly using it as a marketing tool.

The first ME sex scenes were very shallow and gratuitous. Mass effect 2 nude miranda. Kasumi Loyalty Kasumi kept the greybox data. All team members survived From crew only Dr.

From there, the two are locked into their fling for the rest of the game. When she pops out of her suit it's going to be just like that scene from Men in Black with that little dude in the giant's head. If every developer conformed to what their fans demanded we'd end up with a homogenized mess devoid of any risk-taking and creativity. And really, other than Bunky the Wonder Clown apparentlyhow many people bought Mass Effect with the intention of jerking off?

Copy - Legion Loyalty Did you kill or indoctrinate the heretic Geth? Jackob was sent back with the crew and Garrus led both teams. Atlas Follow Forum Posts: Helped him - Arrival Did you attempt to warn the Batarians? As games are trying to simulate life and to entertain, I find it strange of any developer to make a statement like that. Homemade boys tube. She wasn't a love interest for me, but I kept doing her favors and it became apparent she wasn't leaving her place on Illium. I agree with Stanly Woo!

You have to ask what sex means to the characters, and then include or exclude nudity based on that. What exactly is "sick" about it? O the awesomeness of them involving a sex scene is mentioned. Quarians convinced to not go to war with Geth -Kal-Reegar survived, Veetor left to go to Migrant fleet in game beginning -Sidonis in Garrus' mission spared -Thresher Maw in Grunt's mission killed -Brainwashed Geth in Legion's mission -Morinth killed, Samara alive in her loyalty mission -Saved graybox in Kasumi mission -Saved data in Mordin mission.

Chawkas survived I still don't understand why PS: If the player is persistent in pursuing a dedicated relationship with Jack, she will admit her vulnerability and the two come together in a tender, tearful embrace. Comleted both of Liara's quests. For human history stretching back thousands of years, an obsession with realism was hardly the topic of the day. This was my 7th run; scanning planets got really tedious by this point.

In ME1 it was titillating but not romantic or personal, it felt less like a moment shared between two characters and more like the designers going "look, we made a nude model! Dead Scientists Convinced Corporal Toombs to lower weapon.

Mass effect 2 nude miranda

Level 50 Shepard with lot of money Major Mass Effect 2 stuffs:

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Help out Haiti by making a post http: I played a lady the first time around, and I decided I didn't want to pursue Jacob as a love interest because he turned out to be a dick, and he has an annoying voice.

I know what she looks like. Shepard's got me automatically: Let the Sidonus go Tali: Tali takes a great deal of antibiotics to boost her immune system and share an intimate evening with the Commander. Forbidden tales porn. Personally I feel it's not the best legacy for a game to leave behind. HatKing Follow Forum Posts: Considering how epic the storyline is, how wonderful the characters are, and how entertaining the shooting mechanics can be When you've got a movie, you don't fade to black every time the characters show sexual emotion.

Or even better, put it in ME3 or something lol, make it easy enough to get that I don't ahve to spend too many days but make it a challenge in that it doesn't feel anti-climactic. Anderson - Feel free to add more information about your ME1 import if you'd like. I'm just so sick of game developpers not showing peoples faces in these games, like Tali, seriously, why be like that?

It is still 1 Asari, 1 Turian and 1 Salarian, even if it was supposed to be a "human dominated council. Mass effect 2 nude miranda. Everyone on the crew survived Omega 4. Sepewrath Sepewrath 8 years ago 6 Yeah an April Fools joke is only funny when its remotely believable or outlandishly funny, this is neither. It's only sex and it's not even real people. Big tit latina facial. As a potential lover, Morinth talks a big game. About the nudity, if you have a deep and compelling game, where everything is as real as possible, you cant draw the line at sex.

Like most Asari, Samara is a stoic, capable ally to keep around. Son does community work - Overlord: Baby, that's how I feel about you now They'll listen to the fans but they know where to draw the line. Christ, they could replace Miranda's lingerie'd boobs with her and Shepard playing with bunnies for all I care, just show me Tali's face.

Anyways, all those people bringing up the ME1 debacle Did every single side quest. Log In Sign Up. Spared Rachni Queen so representative was there. I've collected all the insignias etc, family, cerberus Coldagg3r Coldagg3r 8 years ago 3 Mass Effect isn't friendly to modding. Nude beauty contest pictures. Spoke to Rachni Queen's gopher. Going with this thank you for speaking my mind.

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What exactly is "sick" about it? It's not cool man. My main problem with the game wasn't the lack of a sex scene, but the lack of a romance option who wasn't a little bit of a slut. Wrex Survived as did Kaiden. Copy - Legion Loyalty Did you kill or indoctrinate the heretic Geth?

I understand where you're coming from but it really depends on how the director wants to handle it. I think they focused more on trying to make intimate actions rather than just shots of polygonal asses. Similarly I found the scene where Jacob takes off his shirt and shows off his 'awesome bod' kind of off-putting. Mass Effect 1 Variables - - No romance - Kaidan lives but after Horizon, I wanted to shoot him - Wrex lives - Saved the council, so yes, it's the Original Council want to shoot that Turian though - Anderson is on the council - This character was played on an Imported File, which was Paragon.

Unless games are willing to stick with cartoony graphics, or wait until the graphics are perfectly photorealistic, I don't see the point of graphic sex scenes in games.

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