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Also, wrong color contacts, you dumbass. Or are they supposed to dress like they're in 's Puritan America at all times? Jacqueline Leonard 51 None. Tia carrere naked pictures. Yaya han naked. If you want the stryx to mimic the look of a certain animal or object, I can figure out how to make it work. Its the ones like the fakeboi, Graveyardgurl,lolgam3rgurl threads aren't really lolcows just attention whores. I can't wait until she ages horribly.

She does seem like a lolcow, but one of the few things I thought she had going for her was that she actually made stuff herself, unlike jnig and some others. BeerMan on Mary Lin has an Appointment! I'm willing to bet that she sold very few shirts 1k or so, which is very little in comparison to how many fans she has and how many Hot Topic stores there are and the ones that did sell were to neckbeards who hoped she'd notice them if they sent her pics of them wearing her shirt.

Yaya, despite making money off of neckbeards with her shitty calendars, decided that she wasn't getting enough attention. I don't know if it got better after, but it was nice to see that conversation online thanks to a friend of a friend who is friends with her. I am beginning to feel almost everything that comes out of Disney ends up ratchety. Black bbw twerking naked. They're just model rejects trying to make a quick buck. She doesn't own cosplay.

Yaya han naked

Barely someone who can be called a cosplayer. Then there's also the part where Yaya is desperately trying to stay relevant by piling on pounds of make-up to hide her age, hanging out with Jnig and the like, despite being in her mid 30s now. I can't put myself in her shoes at all. Such a delicious viewing of enhanced, if I do say so myself. I dun get why these bitches cant understand that the more you over-exaggerate your womanly features with make up, plastic surgery the more tranny looking you will be.

Gina Tognoni 45 None. Any confirms on this? I don't remember which con, one in California once. When Jnig came onto the scene, I got annoyed and would recommend people to check out Yaya's stuff instead as an indicator of real cosplay, done with real passion and skills. But that was my personal experience.

However over the top HOC is, it shows how obnoxious she is in the cosplay world and how she literally just does it purely for business and money from fans because it's "expected" of them. He's the only one in the house who has a legitimate job, we're told. How gross is she? She always had room mates and friends who were prop makers and seamstresses, so she had a lot of help.

You can see more of her work at Yayahan. No tits slut. Over the years, her costume quality decreased as well as her body and looksso she moved onto photoshopping herself and her work as much as possible in order to stay relevant.

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Thank you so much to everyone for the support even on my hiatus! Let me know if you like her and I will see about getting some more pics. It's not the looks. Lesbians at the gym porn. Yaya Han nudity facts: If your submission isn't showing up, please don't just delete it as that makes the filter hate you! I'm not saying she doesn't deserve criticism but I just don't understand the hate she gets.

Gee, I wonder why she does that. Want to see more sexy photos of hot near-nude celebrities and stars? Yaya used to be a flight attendant for Delta, but quit. I got a 3DS recently. Though I find it funny how she's like "I'm a bit perplexed by this! If you guys haven't watched Heroes of Cosplay already, get the fuck on it. Camille de Leu Das Boot.

She said if you're going to dress up at superman and not have the same built as him, be prepared to get hate comments. Get the same massive boobs for half the price. The comments are wonderfully aggravating. Xxx comics pro. Ann Tuts 54 Tits, Ass. Yaya han naked. I hope that there is more HOC, love that trash show and watching Yaya have to backtrack on what she has said.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Kelly Wenham 35 Tits, Ass. As a tall ass guy, women tend to assume that guys are constantly starring at their cleavage, trust us we see it, but we also try and see your face, and when you're tall lookin down at a woman, they assume your lookin down their personality instead of their face.

As far as I know she doesn't go around being a giant cuntbag to everyone and does nothing lulzy maybe I stand to be corrected. Like all of those Yoko cosplayers who didn't even know the name of the character they were portraying.

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I see this woman at every con I go to. They won't start writing comics or create games, at best they could create costumes for others but the pay won't be good. The huge fake boobs make her look fat and stumpy. Well i do really like your Boobs. Milf sybian orgasm. Yes, cavemen posting crass comments even on very tame photos is quite distasteful, but I wish we could stop pretending that the boobs aren't there to draw clicks and print sales. J Nigger just gets whatever manslave she owns atm to do the work for her and then claims she made everything herself.

If you guys haven't watched Heroes of Cosplay already, get the fuck on it. How gross is she? In a way allowing them to comfortingly lie to themselves? It's for people who love a fandom and want to represent that. Yaya Han is damn near 40 and looks terrible. It was perfectly okay for her to exploit social media when she was the only one doing though, right? Her stuff its amazing. She is one of the few celebrities in Hollywood with an almost perfect boobie set and the leaked pics can confirm this.

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SHOW ME YOUR TITS MOM Boobs are going to arouse people, it's their thing. She's annoying and but not really manipulative or nasty and hostile like anon suggested.
Female wrestling wardrobe malfunctions She does no nudity. We couldnt have our fun on PULL or 4chan because of her shitty fans and whiteknights. She justs look silly and amusing to me, like stereotypical dragon lady enslaving a western man, idk, i just find it funny.
Gwendolyn sweet nude She'd get annoyed at neckbeards drooling over her tits yet she's more than happy to show off her cleavage. It's evident that she's an insecure person with validation issues.
Porn tubes milf Well i do really like your Boobs.

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